Price List

price list

Payment Options


This method is great if you prefer cash.

Haley does not keep change with her so exact cash payment is required.


Bank Transfer

Haley understands you may prefer direct bank transfer.

This is the best method to pay your booking deposit.

Full payment is required at the end of the visit and a confirmation reciept of payment sent to Haley is required.



Haley offers a squarepos terminal for card payments.

This payment method will incurr an additional card charge of 2.5% that is retained by SQUARE POS system.

For example:
If your treatment cost $70.00, + $1.75 (2.5%), total of $71.75.


Additional Charges

Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Haley Brooke is registered for Goods and Services Tax. This is a 10% charge allocated to the government that will be in addition to your service charges.
For example: If your total appointment charge was $58.00, the GST charge would be $5.80.
Your overall service charge would be $63.80


Kilometer Charge for Mobile Services

To cover the motor vehicle and fuel costs associated with your private in-home treatments, a per-kilometer charge is calculated. This minor charge is based on your distance measured in kilometers (KM’s) from the post office in Central Bundaberg or the post office in Childers.
The rate of $1.50 will be charged per kilometer.
For example: It was 18km round trip from the central Bundaberg post office to your house and back again. You would be charged $27.00.



Skin Needling

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Chemical Peels